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The Concept

My work is primarily concerned with Life Force, incorporating both the natural architecture that supports it and the skin that contains it. My goal is to encapsulate that life force in my art.

I look to nature for information and inspiration, observing how the whole of nature is a series of interconnected systems within systems, using forms devised over billions of years to cope with enormous stresses and strains. For example, spheres and tri-angulated forms, such as tetrahedrons, are frequently used as nature appreciates their particular qualities, i.e., the sphere is the most efficient container of volume per sq. inch, whilst the tetrahedron has the strongest structure for the least volume of weight and is also the smallest structure with both an inside and an outside. It fascinates me that the building blocks are always the same, regardless of scale, appearing as frequently in the macrosphere as in the outer cosmos. The only difference is how nature has arranged these forms in three-dimensional space, giving pattern to structure and structure to pattern, much as I try to do in my own work.

As a result, my pieces tend to be free-flowing organic structures, combining both tensioned and relaxed sections, most of which would be equally at home under the sea, on the landscape, inside the body, or, indeed, out in space, always appearing as if they could move independently or multiply at will.

My work is often figurative and, though mainly abstract, it somehow appears familiar to people, quite often on a subconscious level. Somewhere between organs and aura they can sense its compatibility.

The skin is also very important in my sculpture, as the skin is the bridge between the external and internal forces that all living entities have to deal with. It is a boundary, a physical manifestation of an intangible spiritual energy that pulses and stretches the skin that contains it. It is designed by nature to connect both forces and relay invaluable information.

I feel nature is a supreme architect and it is the maintenance of this architecture that we call life. I am still trying to figure out whether it is the life that maintains the architecture or the architecture that maintains the life.

Kathryn Smyth



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